Types of Classes


Every child's development benefits from early exposure to music and movement.  Families with children under 9 months old can take the Babies Class, offered as a one-semester introduction to Music Together®.  The music activities and materials are specially designed for parents who want to learn as much as possible about music development in babies, meet other parents of newborns, and learn some fascinating music activities that they can recreate at home on the changing table, in the bath, or anywhere a musical moment presents itself.  Tuition is $170 per family.  There is no additional fee for twins (or triplets, oh my!)  There is a minimum of 3 children and a maximum of 8 for each class.

Parent/Child Class

Developed from over 30 years of research at the Center for Music and Young Children (CMYC), this type of class is the most popular Music Together class. Parents and children (ages birth to 5) together experience, explore, and express music in 45 fun-filled minutes. Tuition is $170 for the first child and $120 for an additional sibling (+$95 for third child). Materials include 2 CD's, an illustrated songbook, an introductory DVD, the wonderful growth chart, the informative parent education materials, and a quarterly e-newsletter. There is a minimum of six children and a maximum of 12 for each class.

Rhythm Kids Level 1

This 45-minute class for 4- and 5-year-olds was designed to be a drum- and rhythm-centered variation of the Parent/Child class that serves as a transition to the Level 2 program.  Focusing on drumming and rhythm helps the children to begin to hone their attention to the details of music.  Each semester focuses on a specific animal with rhythm patterns from that animal's region of the world.  Through these songs, the children are exposed to a broad variety of language, rhythm, and tonalities.  Rhythm patterns are played in class each week with various musical movement games.  Parents will attend the class as a partner to their child, and the children are encouraged to play-along at home with the online drumming videos.  This class is $170 per semester, which includes all the materials.  There is a three child minimum and eight child maximum for the class.

Guitar For Grownups

Open to enrolled parents and caregivers of children enrolled in the Parent/Child classes. Classes run for 8 weeks; each class is 60-minutes long and the tuition is $110. Please bring your own guitar, capo, and tuner. This class uses a developmental approach to teaching chords and strums, starting with one-finger chords and simple down-strums, and working up to full-finger chords and more complex strums and picking. Classes are "mixed-stage" -- open to beginners and those who already know a little guitar. The teaching approach enables more advanced students to learn and model alongside beginners, semester after semester. Students receive a collection-specific Guitar Workbook each semester, with an instructional guide, chord charts, and workbook pages for over a dozen songs. Practicing at home strengthens your ability and encourages your child's musical growth. There is a minimum of three students and a maximum of seven for each class.

Birthday Parties ($85-$150)

Tonewood Family Music, Inc. can do your child's birthday party!  We can host you at our location, or come to you.  If you have your party at our space, then we have more options.  We can show an episode of your child's favorite show on our 10' wide projector screen while we wait for everyone to arrive.  Then we will experience a one-hour+ birthday music "class" that will get everyone up and singing, dancing, and being silly together.  Your cake and snacks are enjoyed in the entry room, and then we turn on the disco lights for another 30 minutes of dancing with the kids.  It works out to about 2.5 hours total party time.  The cost is $150 ($15 discount for enrolled families) and includes a musical gift to your child (2 egg shakers, a set of 7 rainbow scarves, a tambourine, 2 wrist bells, a set of rhythm sticks, and the Music Together Family Favorites CD).  Every attending child receives an egg shaker, guitar sticker, and temporary tattoo.  Take your leftovers and leave the clean up to us.

If we come to your space, we'll just do the hour of music and dance and provide the gifts.  Please be aware of space requirements (approx. 15X15 ft. of open floor space) and attendance limits -- up to 14 children.  Cost for an in-home party is $100 ($15 discount for enrolled families).  Please call or email to check availability.