What is 'Tonewood?'

Tonewood is the name given to a variety of wood that has inherent musical potential. These types of wood are used to make the world's most beautiful instruments. We at Tonewood Family Music believe that children are like tonewood -- each child has the potential to become a beautiful instrument; he or she just needs to have the right experience, environment, and - most importantly - involvement from you! 

Music education supports all education. How? Music introduces concepts such as numbers, shapes, sounds, colors, adding/subtracting, languages, and classroom behavior. It develops self-confidence through self-expression and coordination through complex movement exercises. Research suggests that music can increase memory function and builds up the brain's ability to more quickly access information. All these are skills necessary for school, sports, and a healthy social life. 

Music is its own reward, but can also bring with it skills that help your child be successful in every aspect of life. 


SAFETY NOTE: Our studio is equipped with germicidal UV lights in the air handlers which kill germs in the air and on surfaces. Hand sanitizer is always available. There will also be an extra 30 minutes added between each of the classes so that all of the shared instruments can be fully sanitized after use. Class size is limited to allow for social distancing.


Registration for Spring is now open!





NOTE: Registration for each upcoming semester begins roughly one month before the first class. There are four semesters per year that correspond to the seasons. Fall, Winter, and Spring semesters are each 10 weeks long. Summer semesters are 6 weeks long and therefore offered at a lower tuition.

Our home location is:

4923 NW 27th Court

Gainesville, FL 32606