Rhythm Kids Level 1
David Ford
Tonewood Family Music (location map)
Friday, 3:30 PM - 4:15 PM
01/08/21 - 03/12/21 (10 weeks)

This 45-minute class for 4- and 5-year-olds was designed to be a drum- and rhythm-centered variation of the Parent/Child class that serves as a transition to the Level 2 program.  Focusing on drumming and rhythm helps the children to begin to hone their attention to the details of music.  Each semester focuses on a specific animal with rhythm patterns from that animal's region of the world.  Through these songs, the children are exposed to a broad variety of language, rhythm, and tonalities.  Rhythm patterns are played in class each week with various musical movement games.  Parents will attend the class as a partner to their child, and the children are encouraged to play-along at home with the online drumming videos.  This class is $170 per semester, which includes all the materials.  There is a three child minimum and eight child maximum for the class.

Upcoming Meetings
03/12/21    3:30 PM Friday 03/12/21 3:30 PM